For more information or to schedule service please call (765) 724-7955
For more information or to schedule service please call (765) 724-7955

Lawn Mowing

Ran by Clifford Hatton, longtime landscaping and outdoor maintenance expert, Hatton’s landscaping offers lawn mowing services for properties of various types and capacities. Whether your home requires extensive mowing, trimming, or tapering, Hatton’s lawn mowing service will leave your grass looking fresh and well-manicured, and your property looking valuable and inviting.

Trim Shrubs

Take the stress out of having to trim and prune your shrubs. Hatton’s Landscaping has the expertise, manpower, and equipment to get the job done and provide you with a clean, safe, and freshly-tapered lawn that will not only uplift your home, but leave your guests in awe. Owner and Operator Clifford Hatton knows all too well the importance of maintaining a healthy and appealing lawn and handles every project with care.

Fertilization and Weed Control

Lawn fertilization strengthens your grass roots, reduce and control weeds, and replace nutrients . At Hatton Landscaping ensures that all clients receive the best and safest fertilization application to strengthen your plants and boost growth.


Mulching is a highly-recommended gardening and landscaping practice that can dramatically improve soil quality and prolong tree life. However, it is very time and energy consuming and requires a professional. Hatton’s Landscaping makes certain that your mulching project can be completed quickly and efficiently and the product is applied thoroughly and with care.

Landscape Maintenance

From pruning and trimming to tree removal and bed maintenance, Hatton’s Landscaping is ready and able to handle all your landscaping needs in a timely and professional manner. Hatton Landscaping is a locally-owned professional landscaping and lawn care company devoted to making your property looks its best no matter which season it is. Clifford Hatton offers a variety of landscape maintenance services to ensure that your greenery remains healthy and that your home looks beautiful.

Spring & Fall Leaf Clean Up

Whether it’s Spring or Fall, Hatton’s Landscaping will help you forgo the tedious and time-consuming chore of raking leaves. It’s important to have your lawn looking its best and Hatton’s Landscaping is here to help.